27 September 2005

Event : : FewMany : : Toy2R Expo 2005

This years Toy2R event is going to be held at FewMany Oct. 10th (Mon) to Oct. 16th (Sun). Looking forward to this years crop of one-of-a-kind Qee's but its sure going to be a bit of squeeze at FewMany's cozy little gallery. Somehow Vinyl Pulse has shots of the Qees that are going to be on display but I can't wait to get down and check'em out in person.

Event : : Superfestival 37

Superfestival is happening once again at the Science Museum in Kudanshita this Sunday October 2. Really not much more than a jumped up flea market, I've always liked the octagonal layout of the venue and there always some great treasures to be found. A;lso there is a special exhibition called 'Mad Creator Show' featuring Tokyo Guns, Rockin' Jelly Bean and more. Stay tuned for more details.

Event : : Furi Furi Pop N Art

Furi Furi is having another exhibition at Lapnet ship at the Foret shop in Harajuku. Its running through til wednesday October 3. They've set up a special site for the show and looks like there will be lots of GOODS to be had. Including these Not! Mutant Plushes which seem to be selling well. (Seems like the Tokyo Scene has been going a bit plush crazy as of late, least those won't melt and fall over during those hot tokyo summers). On Sunday Kitai-san from DevilRobots will be giving a talk, so we'll be dropping by for that. Look for pics next week.

26 September 2005

LameToy Generator

A quick word about Tom Painter's amazing LameToy Generator! It Rocks. Basically a Character Fruit Machine that lets you mix and match the heads, torsos and legs from its amazing arsenal of wild characters to create even wackier characters. And it keeps growing (literally) exponentially. Contributors include 123Klan, Lmac, Eleven18 and many more. And now it's most recent addition is Barrom 1 from us here at datadub/ko-lab. To be honest I didn't design this guy, I just interpreted him to a Qee body. He's a member of the Forgotten Heroes, a group of Japanese Tokusatsu TV superheros from the seventies who may have to come out retirement in the 21st century for one last adventure.