24 November 2006

Gatchpin in Tower Record Promotion

Tower is running a promotion now using Gachapin. The graphics have all these cool versions of Gatchpin as a death metal rocker, reggae dude, techno dj, etc. etc.

Shibuya Vending machine for Buzz

Buzz is some wierd new drink form Cocal-Cola. Not sure what it tastes like but they sure are going for a dark and Gritty image. Buzz did a collabo with Gargamelearlier this year.

17 November 2006

Parco: Thunderbirds exhibit

They had a cool Thunderbirds exhibit in Parco part 3 (SHibuya) as its the 40th anniversary of the show (1966) same year as Ultrman. th eshow had props, puppets and costumes as well as Thunderbirds toys from the era. Also on show were toys and characters from the same year.

26 August 2006

Stacking mini shockers

SCORE! picked this up at Village Vanguard yesterday. 21 little shocker dudes to stack and play - hours of fun!

25 August 2006

ANA Kubrick-stylee

All Nippon Airways is using this Kubricky looking fellow in their current ad campaign

19 August 2006


Wonfest summer 2006 announcement: Realhead Bigaloid - ltd. colorway from ichibanboshi - coming in september

12 August 2006

Ultrafight DVD box set release

Alot of people consider this series to be ... crap. But these box sets are super nice and this one comes with some cool figs.

08 August 2006

Fewmany: sorrow mens - august

Sorrow Men's is a yearlong project consisting of a one week exhibition every month. Shin Kitai of Devilrobots, Kaijin, Touma and a monthly guest female artist each create a piece based on a common theme usually a Japanese seasonal tradition. This month's guest artist is illustrator kaokoapanda and I believe the theme is Japanese ghost stories as August is the time for ghost stories as the dead come home to visit their friends and family. I thought maybe the pieces might be a bit scarier but they are all pretty nice and definitely show off their creators strong points. I really like the Kaijin piece (probably cause its B & W) but he is a really great sculptor. I'm hoping he will soon be cranking out more production pieces to match the repatoire of his illustrious co-exhibitors Kitai & Touma.

more info (Japanese)

Sick Dehara fig

Spotted this sick Dehara fig in the showcase at Fewmany today. I don't think it was part of the recent show. Like Morlin meets IkaGIlas...

07 August 2006

Meat characters

Crazy little meat characters adorn this poster spotted in the subway this morning..love the ham slice Mickey Mouse ears.

23 July 2006

18 July 2006


Another great show by Dehara at Fewmany. I was surprised that there were still a lot of original pieces available.

Ultramans 40th birthday

July 17th was the 40th anniversay of the debut of Ultramn back in 1966! A new movie featuring the current TV Ultraman Moebius and Five of the Golden Age Ultras is coming out this fall (where's Leo??). Its geting alot of promotion on one of the train lines here, with a stamp rally, decorated train cars and commemorative rail pass.There is also a new PSP game called Fighting Evolution Zero coming out (with LEO!)

03 June 2006