09 January 2006

Tokyo Metro Police Characters

Kind of tripped on these sr. citizen versions of the Tokyo Metroplitan Police fairy character. This is a mobile post, sorry for the blurry pic.


On the slippery slopes of Spain Zakka in the backstreets of Shibuya I came across this Eye Level Billboard for the Neptunes Single. Obviously tied intimately in with the B'APE empire and done up in this rather charming simple style that many Bathing Ape characters & japanese celebrities have be done up in (its a fine line sometimes.) Anybody know what nameless designer does these charactures for B'APE??


While the game graphics world moves into billions of polygons and pixels, the charming lo-res bitmap look of old Mario is making a comeback as an line of goods and an aesthitic movement in and of its own. More than likely this was kicked off by last years Mario Pepsi bottlecaps. Looks dead cool billboard size as part of Parco's new Years camapign!

08 January 2006

Superfestival - Real Head

010108 - Superfestival.JPG
Originally uploaded by datadub.
Today at Superfestival both Blobpuss & RealHead were serving up the New Years lucky bags. I shoulda got down to the party earlier because they were all sold out by the time I got there. Guess you'll have to watch Yahoo Japan Auctions for more details on the spoils.

In the meantime check out these RealHead Ltd. metallic colorways on sale now in Amerika Toya in Osaka.