31 May 2006

Ramune X Head

Ramune is a traditional Japnese lemon soda drink, that comes in a distinctive blue green bottle. Ramune candy which has been popular with kids for a long time are small lemon-y sour (think sweet tarts) candies in a plastic replica of the traditional ramune bottle. I think this is the inspiration for the real x Headcolorways being released this weekend.

23 May 2006

Medicom 10th Anniversary Exhibition

The Annual Medicom show is scheduled for the end of June at Parco Museum in Shibuya. This is always a kick-ass show - a massive dump of alot of the upcoming Medicom projects for the next year. The opening party is always a gala event with lots of yummy giveaways. Someday I may get to go.

FewMany: Ogi Graphics

Next week Ogi is having a show at FewMany in Shinjuku. I'm really digging the guy in the advert. Kind of pointman meet styrofoam. Check it out.

Ultra Taro

A pastiche that blurs the line between the legend of Momo Taro with the pantheon of Ultraman heroes. One could imagine that centuries from now that large buddha style statues of the Ultra kaiju. Randomly spotted in a shop window on a walk through Kiba.

22 May 2006

Kabukicho - boxing skull arcade game

On a wander through the dark back side of Shinjuku-ku I spotted this weird skull head arcade game.

19 May 2006

Action Man 4040 Show

Damn there is some way wacky stuff going on at this show being put on by Cluttermag in London. I wish it would come to Japan but who knows. Apparently all the figs are being auctioned off. Unfortunately the main website for this project is a bit of an overzealus Flash Frenzy with a BBS stuck in for good measure. If you really want really want to check out the goods go to the auction registration page, sign up and you will be presented with a simple and sane list of links that leads to each artists work.

Fewmany: Shige Exhibition next week

Not sure what Shige's work is all about but I liked his poster and will definitely check out the show.

Touma: Monochrome trio

Touma has certainly cranked out an army of the these figs. Initially based on the old Naugahyde character and done as a tie-up with Tokyo Mid-Century Zakka-ya STITCH. There are 3 figs in the set (one smaller fig not pictured) which will be (relatively) reasonably priced at 8000yen

Touma: Monochromatic Goons

Ah I would love a black and white set of these suckers (and throw in the grey one for good measure). Especially a black one done in a Gargamel Stylee. But alas these are not for sale.

Lurking Rarities at FewMany

Nestled in a nook on top of the cash register at FewMany, a grey test shot of a Knuckle Bear menaces a superdope clear QEE that is filled with glitter...

18 May 2006

Shiny Shiny Blobjects

Doh! looks like we completely missed this one and now they're gone. The Gold & Silver versions of the last kaiju went on sale this week. at 15,000yen a pop they definitely not an impulse buy... but they are sooo shiny....

16 May 2006

FIbre Mini Kaiju

These are some wacky Kaiju-style characters in a train ad for Fibre Mini Genki drink. I'll try to get a better pic if possible.

10 May 2006

DevilRobots: ZAURUS

This was a print that was one of several by DevilRobots at a recent group expo at FewMany. No more info but I like these characters... perhaps Kaiju to battle the Evirob gang.

Bounty Hunter: Skull Kun has an accident

Man I try to like this figure.. its BXH... its Stash...its B&W.. its gotta cool spray can nozzle thing coming out of his head... hmm.. I don't think I'm alone in not digging this completely.. I mean that had them in stock at BXH!!!!!