08 August 2006

Fewmany: sorrow mens - august

Sorrow Men's is a yearlong project consisting of a one week exhibition every month. Shin Kitai of Devilrobots, Kaijin, Touma and a monthly guest female artist each create a piece based on a common theme usually a Japanese seasonal tradition. This month's guest artist is illustrator kaokoapanda and I believe the theme is Japanese ghost stories as August is the time for ghost stories as the dead come home to visit their friends and family. I thought maybe the pieces might be a bit scarier but they are all pretty nice and definitely show off their creators strong points. I really like the Kaijin piece (probably cause its B & W) but he is a really great sculptor. I'm hoping he will soon be cranking out more production pieces to match the repatoire of his illustrious co-exhibitors Kitai & Touma.

more info (Japanese)

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