24 November 2006

Gatchpin in Tower Record Promotion

Tower is running a promotion now using Gachapin. The graphics have all these cool versions of Gatchpin as a death metal rocker, reggae dude, techno dj, etc. etc.

Shibuya Vending machine for Buzz

Buzz is some wierd new drink form Cocal-Cola. Not sure what it tastes like but they sure are going for a dark and Gritty image. Buzz did a collabo with Gargamelearlier this year.

17 November 2006

Parco: Thunderbirds exhibit

They had a cool Thunderbirds exhibit in Parco part 3 (SHibuya) as its the 40th anniversary of the show (1966) same year as Ultrman. th eshow had props, puppets and costumes as well as Thunderbirds toys from the era. Also on show were toys and characters from the same year.