18 December 2007

Norton Fighter and Akiba Idol group Marvel Parfait

Norton Fighter's second appearance at Yodobashi Camera features an appearence by Akiba Idol group Marvel Parfait. Super Otaku Time!

11 December 2007

Tokyo Event Schedule: Norton Fighter -vs- Botoras

Saturday, December 15
Yodobashi Camera Akiba Event space 1pm & 3pm
Yamada Denki Lab 4pm
After 4pm show walk around Akihabara

Sunday, December 16

Yamada Denki SL Plaza - 1PM
BIC Camera Yurakucho - 3PM?

December 23

Ikebukuro East Exit - 1pm
Ikebukuro Wlakabout

Shinjuku Walkabout

10 December 2007

04 December 2007

3 page advertorial in 12/18 Weekly ASCii

The Norton Fighter 'Tech Specs' ad ran again accompanied by a 2 page advertorial.
(scan is coming)