28 July 2009

Yamazakura new sculpt

R0011641, originally uploaded by Baikin.

The gate guardians always comes in pairs, so it not surprise that the second figure from Yamazakura is coming up fast. The sculpt was shown at wonderfestival - pic by Baikin

10 July 2009

Fig-lab presents the Millennial Monsters Series

Fig-lab presents the Millennial Monsters Series

Since the dawn of this new millennium an outstanding number of Japanese Character creators have emerged whose primary medium of expression is Japanese Vinyl. The Japanese vinyl figure has a 40 year legacy which attests to its integrity and durability as an artistic medium. In our on-demand fast turnaround post-modern world, the means of production have been made available to independent artists who can now create smaller runs than demanded by the tool and die mentality of the previous century. This further evidenced by the increasing number of creators worldwide who crossing over from the mass produced milieu of the factory back to the province of the craftsmen of Japan's vinyl trade.

Millennial Monsters will be a series of exclusive releases from Fig-lab of recent original Japanese vinyl figures in a signature color way. Many of the figures chosen for the series have been sculpted and painted by the artists themselves. All are self-financed labors of love. The objective of the series to highlight some of these outstanding creators, producers and their endearing characters. In addition to the releases themselves, effort will be made to showcase the the backstories of the characters, a history of the figure and an insight to the creative process of each artist.

The first three releases from the series will be available in San Diego at the Onell Design/GFS2009 booth (#4937)

The name of the series is an unabashed homage to the book Millennial Monsters: Japanese Toys and the Global Imagination by Anne Allison, which is the most outstanding book I have ever read about post-war Japanese society and its relationship with the west through toys, characters and entertainment.

08 July 2009


San Diego Convention Center
July 22 - 26

The Symposium will be a 5-day session with a variety of panels and presentations. GSF2009 is graciously hosted by Onell Design and Callgrim at the San Diego Convention Center (SDCC#4937) . Don 'Datadub' Kratzer - Director of the International Figure Research Laboratory - will be giving the keynote and holding daily morning sessions on recent trends in figure culture from the far east. Afternoon sessions will feature many illustrious guest speakers and special exhibit. The final day will be an open day workshop to recap everything that was covered during the Symposium.

Chairman's Summary of the Global Figure Symposium
1. Share information about the dynamism of vinyl culture and its future: recent material developments, deformation theory and anticipated creature trends.

2. Explain the role of independently produced figures in promoting global economic growth and development and the collective accumulation impulse'S expanding contribution to the infrastructure for a global figure economy.

3. Highlight the value of the application of techno-animism and polymorphous perversity, drawing on examples from developed and developing cross-pollination projects.

SCHEDULE (subject to modification)UPDATED! *07/10*
07/22 wed
6pm - 9pm Fig-lab
KEYNOTE: Crawling Out from the Primordial Slime

07/23 thurs
9:30am - 1pm Fig-lab
TOPIC: Topological Taxonomies : Mutants, Monsters & the Kai-Kya Horror Show
Featuring works from: Real x Head, Skulltoys, Blobpus, Monstock + more

1pm - 3pm Millennial Masters
PANEL DISCUSSION: Phantasmagoric Color Collisions

3pm - 5pm Dead Presidents
TOPIC: Kandy Kolored Kaiju

5pm - 7pm Fig-lab: Topological Taxonomies (reprise)

07/24 fri
9:30am - 1pm Fig-lab
TOPIC: Far East, Far Out:
Featuring works from: Zarigni Works, Goccodo, Art Denka, Uamou, Pop Soda, Spooky Parade, Hariken + more

1pm - 3pm Paul Kaiju
TOPIC: Applied Dream Projection Theory vis-a-vis Vinyl Style Evolution.

3pm - 5pm Suckadelic
TOPIC: Pop Iconography Piracy for Fun and Profit

5pm - 7pm Fig-lab - Far East, Far Out (reprise)

07/25 sat
9:30am - 1pm Fig-lab
TOPIC: Kaiju Invasion: the Third Wave
Featuring works from: Cord Viper, Yamomark, Sinbad, Dr. Strange Toys + more

1pm - 3pm Monstre Hero
TOPIC: Resinator Salvation

3pm - 5pm MISHKA
TOPIC: Straight Outta Brooklyn

5pm - 7pm Fig-lab - Kaiju Invasion: the third wave (reprise)

07/26 sun
9:30am - 5pm Open Day Workshop

02 June 2009

Monstre Hero

Line-up, originally uploaded by monstrehero.

Looks like the cast from the new All Rider Movie

22 May 2009

26 April 2009

Super Festival 49 fig-lab exlcusives

Real x Head KAI-KYA: Mummy Glove (fig-lab ver.) and Glyos Buildman (fig-lab ver.) - better pics coming up.

18 April 2009


For SUPERFESTIVAL 49, the Sucklord has trusted the altruistic Datadub of
fig-lab fame to shuck his latest exclusive, MARY PAPER$: FLY AND RUTHLESS, PANDERING TO JAPANESE TASTES EDITION. A new colorway of the classic MARY PAPER$ figure of 2006, The Sucklord remixes this figure in a Microman/ Murakami style in a crass attempt to acquire a larger base of Japanese fans. Mary Paper$ is a straight up gangster bitch and sometime friend of the Sucklord. She is a supporting character in the ongoing ORIGINAL VILLAIN NETWORK web soap opera.

06 April 2009

Bootleg Mishka Hand Paints.

This is a figure is co-designed by L'amour Supreme with Mishka. Basically a bootleg kaiju vynil because it's manuf. in China. One body will have two heads. Simon and super soldier bear. This toy was completely sculpted by L'Supreme!

16 March 2009

Illanena X Lamour X Dead Prez

L'amour Supreme and Dead Prez destory the Pachi Kaiju threesome from Ilanena. Hope to see more collaborations from this creative combo.

09 March 2009

Lamour Supreme Mongolion

Mongolion is COMING. Not sure if this is an official color way or just a test shot, but this guy is totally bad ass.

25 February 2009

American trading card institution TOPPS gets radical with the new STAR WARS GALAXY 4.

Since the release of the original STAR WARS movie in 1977, Topps has brought the magic of the big screen to the tiny trading card, inspiring millions of kids worldwide and defining a genre. In the following 30 plus years, Topps has continued to push the boundaries with such innovations as widescreen cards, foil stamps, and motion cards, evolving far beyond the old wax paper and crappy gum packets of yesteryear.

Enter the Sketchcard. With the release of 2004's Clone Wars series, Topps once again raised the bar by introducing 1 of 1 artist interpretations drawn directly onto blank cards. Short packed in with the regular cards, these are very rare, highly sought after mini works of fine art. Sketchcards have become a collecting category unto themselves, with websites and fan groups obsessively trying to find and catalogue each one as their value continues to increase. Traditionally, these sketchcards have been produced by Comic book artists, animators and fantasy illustrators, all known artists within the Star Wars community. Until now.

Reaching out to the vast world of street artists, toy designers, and underground pop mutants, Topps has pushed the limits once again. With the debut of the first die-cut sketch card, artists outside the traditional realm of Star Wars illustration have put their own stamp on these little canvases in the shape of Darth Vader and Stormtrooper helmets. STAR WARS Galaxy is a radical, art-oriented collection that showcases rare and offbeat imaginings of the Star Wars cannon. It is the perfect venue from which to unleash this new experiment in Star Wars collecting. Star Wars Galaxy 4 is available now in most comic and hobby shops or from Topps.com

Participating Artists:

Amy Vuitya
Artbot 138
Art Denka
Brian Slivka
Daniel Cantrell
Dice One
Fig-Lab/ Datadub
Hans Yim
Jaguar No No
Jason Atomic
Jeff McMillan
Kerry Lee
Lamour Supreme
Mad Barbarians
Michael Leavitt
Nick the Ring
October toys
Onell Design
Patrick Francisco
Simeon Lipman
Sket One
Spooky Booty
Toys R Evil
Triclops Studio
Urban Medium

24 February 2009


JADE MONGOLION, originally uploaded by LAMOURSupreme.


San Francisco, CA. Thought to be lost in the tomb of Ghengis Khan, the Jade Mongolion Idol was recently discovered. It is believed to have magical powers and it is said that anyone that possesses it will wield the strength of the mighty Ghengis Khan army. It was recently discovered by the famous archeologist Alexander Banned in a remote cave somewhere in the Khentii Mountains in Mongolia earlier this year. This rare artifact is currently on display under glass and heavy security at Super7 in San Francisco, CALIF.

15 February 2009


MONSTREHEROxSUPER7 Victims!, originally uploaded by monstrehero.

These resin cast fellers just don't the horrors that await them...
Who is this Victim??? ...

It might be you.

14 February 2009


Now this what Tokyo has been hankering for!. An upscale Kaiju gallery on the first floor of a high end Womens Fashion Department Store in the heart of the Shinjuku Shopping district. KAIJU BLUE is on the first floor of the newly remodeled Marui One and re-opens on February 20, 2009. Kaiju Blue is billed as a shop specializing in Sub-Culture AND Underground. Not quite sure what all that encompasses but they had me at Kaiju. Add to this an interior conceptualized by MOGraphixx - known for his 3d work for KAWS & T9G - and a logo designed by graphic character mavericks the Mad Barbarians and I think this may just be the tipping point for the burgeoning Haute Coutre Soft Vinyl Monsters movement. The real jewel at the heart of the shop will be the "gallery" display case and will feature a different Kaiju Maker each month.

First out of the gate is perennial Dark Horse Blobpus - with his Dissection Exhibition. There will be 2 exclusive figures released and lots of new customs on display.



13 February 2009

Hariken X TTToy X Monstock: Blitzgon! is coming soon

No real details on this sucker - but Hariken is one of my fave up-n-comers.
Monstock sure seems to beating the bushed to find the new talent.

10 February 2009

Lego Mini fig Dai Kaibou by Jason Freeny

Man this is a way cool image. This guys artwork is really amazing (even though he did a similar art piece of a Du**y)
You can buy prints of Jason Freeny artwork here.

09 February 2009

07 February 2009

T x T Project: T9G's revenge on the Helper

So what comes around goes around. After Tim Biskup had a go at remixing T9G's Rangeas to great effect last year, T9G strikes back with his own special blend of Kaiju magic on Mr. Biskup's helper.
The sculpt was debuted at the recent T X T exhibition at STITCH in Daikanyama Tokyo. Bringing a Seventies Guy-in-a-rubber monster suit sensibility to the figure, T9G knocks it out of the park. The helmet factor with the cute over the ugly is what I really does it for me. Looking forward to seeing this figure come out.

The show is on until Feb 22. at Stitch
More pictures of the event on Flickr

31 January 2009

Microsexuals Episode 5

Microsexuals Episode 5; Guys Night Out from The Crystal Pharoah on Vimeo.


CREATURE ARMY 1, originally uploaded by SUCKADELIC.

More insanity from the Lord of SUCK!!


Glyos Heads phase 1

Glyos Heads phase 1, originally uploaded by SUCKADELIC.

24 January 2009

Men of Zoll

Men of Zoll, originally uploaded by Paulkaiju.

fantastic Kaiju from the snowy north of Japan.

05 January 2009

Many Many Mey Custom: Dr. Strange Toy's

Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well. To what do I owe the extreme pleasure of this surprising visit?

Ho, ho, ho! Well, if it isn't fat stinking billy goat Billy Boy in poison! How art thou, thou globby bottle of cheap, stinking chip oil? Come and get one in the yarbles, if ya have any yarbles, you eunuch jelly thou!

Gotta love this!

Many Mey Custom??? : by Paul Kaiju

Many Many Mey, originally uploaded by datadub.

This is a gorgeous rendition of the Baron Many Mey in Mr. Kaiju's new signature CMYK colorway.

But technically it isn't a custom....
Why do you ask???

Because this not a one-of-a-kind masterpiece but rather a many-of-a kind limited run by the talented master painter.

10 pieces will be available at the Superfestival on January 11.

For now ogle more pix of genius here

Many Mey : Dead Presidents

Many Mey Custom, originally uploaded by dead presidents.

This candy coated beauty should glow like an M.F. in the dark. Nice subtle colors and some tasteful striping from the Head Dead President Matt.

More pix are here:

01 January 2009

Many Mey Custom: Freddie Mey by L'amour Supreme

DSC04439, originally uploaded by LAMOURSupreme.

L'amour Supreme bringing the heat with this Nighmare on Elmo Street inspired custom. Totally totally nailed it! ZA big up to L'S & the MISHKA posse in support of the show. After the Tokyo Leg the Many Many May's will be invading Mishka's new space in Brooklyn.
You can run but you cannot hide.

There are more pics of this beast on l'amour's Flickr page:
-> http://www.flickr.com/lamoursupreme_fixedfiend

The Many Many Many Mey Dynamite Custom Show

Custom Many Mey Show, originally uploaded by LAMOURSupreme.

Happy new year! This show is coming up fast.
We will have a big debut splash at the Superfestival in Tokyo on 1/11 with a special space coutesy of the super humans at artstorm. Then spend a week or so chilling in Koenji thanks to the kind folks at 8-style. Also big up to Ken at One-Up! as well for his support. I will be sneak previewing some of the customs on this forum as well.