14 February 2009


Now this what Tokyo has been hankering for!. An upscale Kaiju gallery on the first floor of a high end Womens Fashion Department Store in the heart of the Shinjuku Shopping district. KAIJU BLUE is on the first floor of the newly remodeled Marui One and re-opens on February 20, 2009. Kaiju Blue is billed as a shop specializing in Sub-Culture AND Underground. Not quite sure what all that encompasses but they had me at Kaiju. Add to this an interior conceptualized by MOGraphixx - known for his 3d work for KAWS & T9G - and a logo designed by graphic character mavericks the Mad Barbarians and I think this may just be the tipping point for the burgeoning Haute Coutre Soft Vinyl Monsters movement. The real jewel at the heart of the shop will be the "gallery" display case and will feature a different Kaiju Maker each month.

First out of the gate is perennial Dark Horse Blobpus - with his Dissection Exhibition. There will be 2 exclusive figures released and lots of new customs on display.




Atomier said...


I'm curious to know if you have any information on the artist responsible for the cityscape in this picture?


Any information you have would be great.

Thank you

datadub said...

That cityscape is by Mographixx, an illustrator/CG artist who has done alot of work for T9G and KAWS

Atomier said...

Thanks for your help