24 August 2010

Zombie Meat Jerky

Its Chewie! Its Blue! They say its made from the same good stuff that regular jerky is made from.... but my guess is that its smoke-dried BRAAAAAINS!

Do you dare to eat the ZOMBIE Jerky??

Available from this Rakuten shop (the site is in Japanese.)


Ichiban-boshi Chaos Custom Series 1

So Ichiban-boshi is trying their hand at the airbrush. The results look pretty good. These customs were for sale of the Ichiban-boshi online shop last Sunday. They were priced at regular Japanese retail for these figures which I thought was pretty classy. Hopefully we will see more customs in the coming months.
(BTW they're SOLD OUT).

17 August 2010

L'amour Supreme x Itokin Park "Baby Huey" Custom

This figure has been dubbed "Baby Huey" by Mr. LS - it was designed by LS, sculpted and cast by Kaz of Itokin Park. This version was painted up by L'amour Supreme for the Toxic Resin art show happening at Super 7.

10 August 2010

Gegege Exhibition at Matsuya Dept. Store

Its Obon - the summer time holiday - here in Japan - when thoughts turn to traditional ghosts, goblins and ghouls. So its the perfect time of year for and Exhibition of  Mizugi Shigeru - the godfather of the Japanese underworld.  This one starting today at the Matsuya Department store in Ginza looks like fun. I like how they will highlight some of his other characters beyond Gegege Kitaro including  Akuma-kun and Kappa no Sanpei. Show Runs from 08/11 (W) - 08/23 (M).

04 August 2010

Mirock Toy launches its website!

Mirock Toy has launched its official web site including a blog and an online shop. Mirock (pronounced Mee-Roh-Koo)  leapt onto the the toy stage with a collaboration with Real x Head which debuted at San Diego Comic-con 2010. Sculpting in wood his wildly re-imagined sculpts of Real x Head's core Mutant Zone characters - Head, Evil and Chaos were a big hit at SDCC. The web store contains several online exclusives, including all black unpainted versions of the RxH collaboration figures and a very traditionally painted chaos. There are also resin minis of Mirock, the brand mascot. (seen above). This guy will be one to watch for sure.

The web store currently doesn't ship internationally.

Ultra Disco Fun Time

Couldn't resist posting this.

More Crossover Recap tomorrow.
However here is a decent dose if you're desperate.
The interview is loaded with photos of SDCC and I would say over half are of Crossover...
not that I'm counting...

just saying.

03 August 2010


The Rift in the space-time continuum has closed but our universe will never be the same.
The Global Figure Symposium 2010 - the CROSSOVER - was a smashing success - old friends, new alliances, familiar figures and radical re-imaginings were all in evidence.

A super big thanks to Matt Doughty from Onell Design and Jesse Moore from Rawshark Studios for giving up half (way more than half) of their booth for the event as well as being deep in the mix.

Big UP to all the creators who participated:
Real x Head, Uamou, Skulltoys, PaulKaiju, Dead Presidents, MonstreHero, L'amour Supreme, Sucklord (and Vektar), The Tarantulas, Jesse DeStassio, Spy Monkey Creations, Brand Loyalty Toys, and everyone else who made the event what it was!

You can check out coverage from across the web.
The Crossover at the Global Figure Symposium SDCC
"I think one of the most interesting events this year was the tiny booth that seemed to hold a small army of artist and toy makers". - Toybot Studios 
SDCC10: The Global Figure Symposium Booth
"This one ranked at the top of the list for booths that I needed to check back in with. There was always something new and interesting...crossovers...small runs...handmade pieces. The Global Figure Symposium killed it again this year. " - Plastic & Plush
TOYSREVIL: Global Figure Symposium / GFS 2010 - The CROSSOVER @ San Diego Comic Con (Booth 4937)
"I personally look at this with awe and interest, especially this concept of a show-within-a-show with a specific focus, to me is pretty well brilliant, IMHO. " - ToysREvil
Toy Break - Episode 129 
 "Bringing in all those artists, and having that crazy schedule of people come into the booth everyday with these crossovers. Thank you to datadub, thanks to Onell." - Ayleen, Toy Break
"Next time you're at Comic-con, you gotta get to the Onell booth, cause there are just so many great people, selling so many great things .. just awesome" - George, Toy Break 
The Crossover Exchange - Global Figure Symposium 2010 @ San Diego Comic Con 2010 
- Kaiju Chronicle

Thanks to everyone for kicking ass and making toys.