15 July 2011

Gardner Fox.. patron saint of the GFS

Portrait of Gardner Fox by Gil Kane
This year marks the 100th birthday of Gardner Fox, one of the most influential comic writers of the 20th Century. He was born in Brooklyn, New York on May 20, 1911.

During the Golden Age of comics, he worked on Batman from Issue 3, contributing to the early development of the character, introducing such fundamentals as the Bat Utility Belt, the Batarang and the Batgyro (precursor to the Batcopter) He is also credited with creating Hawkman, the Flash and the Sandman. In 1940, in the third issue of All-Star Comics, he introduced the Justice Society, the first superhero team in comics. The graphics for this year's Global Figure Symposium are an homage to the cover art from this classic Golden Age Comic. 

During the Silver Age, Fox's script for "Flash of Two Worlds!", from The Flash #123 (Sept. 1961), introduced the concept that the Golden Age heroes existed on a parallel Earth named Earth-Two. This introduces the concept of the Multiverse, allowing old and new heroes to co-exist and crossover. Where would modern comics be today with out the concept of parallel worlds???

Gardner Fox passed away December 24, 1986 here on Earth-One, but we have credible intelligence that he is celebrating his 100th on Earth-2 with an amazing birthday bash.

You can find out more about this seminal godfather of modern comics on Wikipedia and you can Like his fan page on FaceBook.

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